Prof. Paul S. Monks
iCACGP Commission Member
Professor of Physical Chemistry - Earth Observation Science
B.Sc., D.Phil. (Oxford)
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Research Interests:   

The primary research interests of Atmospheric Chemistry research group are the scientific questions underlying: the role of photochemistry in the control of atmospheric composition; chemistry and transport, particularly the impact of long-range transport on chemical composition; the feedbacks between climate and atmospheric chemistry; organic complexity and the control of regional pollution and the measurement of the troposphere from space. In order to answer specific scientific questions, atmospheric measurements are taken from a range of ground-based, aircraft and satellite platforms using a suite of instruments.

An integrated approach has been developed to include the design, building and characterisation of instruments, their deployment and use for measurements in the atmosphere through to the analysis, statistical modelling and interpretation of the data. The group adopts an interdisciplinary approach, working on the development of new techniques and instruments coupled to their application in atmospheric science field projects and understanding/analysis of the data collected.

Selected Publications:   

1 S. Monks, Andrew R. Rickard, Stacey L. Hall and Nigel A.D. Richards, Attenuation of spectral actinic flux and photolysis frequencies at the surface through homogenous cloud fields , J. Geophys . Res. , 109 (D17), D17206, 10.1029/2003JD004076, 2004.

2. Robert S. Blake, Christopher Whyte, Ceri O. Hughes, Andrew M. Ellis and Paul S. Monks, Demonstration of Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for Real-Time Analysis of Trace Volatile Organic Compounds, Anal.Chem. , 76 (13), 3841-3845, 2004.

3. Gavin D. Edwards and Paul S. Monks Performance of a single monochromator diode array spectroradiometer for the determination of actinic flux and atmospheric photolysis frequencies, J.Geophys.Res., 108 , (D16) 8546, 10.1029/2002JD002844, 2003

4. G.K. Corlett and P.S. Monks , A comparison of total ozone values derived from the Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME), the Tiros Operational Vertical Sounder (TOVS) and the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS), J.Atmos.Sci. 58 (9), 1103-1116, 2001.

5. G. Salisbury, A.R. Rickard, P.S. Monks, B.J. Allan, S. Bauguitte, S.A. Penkett, N. Carslaw, A.C. Lewis, D.J. Creasey, D.E. Heard, P.J. Jacobs and J.D. Lee, The production of peroxy radicals at night via reactions of ozone and the nitrate radical in the marine boundary layer, J.Geophys.Res.(Atmos.) 106 (D12), 12,669-12,688, 2001.

6. P. Zanis, P.S. Monks, T.J. Green, E. Schuepbach, L.J. Carpenter, G.P. Mills, A.R. Rickard and S.A. Penkett, Seasonal variation of peroxy radicals in the lower free troposphere based on observations from the FREE Tropospheric EXperiments in the Swiss Alps, Geophysical Research Letters . 30 (10), 1497, doi:10.1029/2003GL017122, 2003.

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