The European Communities sponsored project EVK2-CT2001-00098 - PHOENICS - Particles of Human Origin Extinguishing Natural solar radiation In Climate Systems aims to assess the direct climate effect of aerosols and quantify and reduce several of the associated main uncertainties using climate models, and to evaluate the impact of European emissions, via aerosol formation, on Europe (especially the Mediterranean region) and the global environment and climate, and the influence of other world-regions on Europe.

The optical, chemical and hygroscopic properties of the multi-component mixed aerosol will be considered using a size-dependent aerosol dynamic model embedded within a global 3-dimensional atmospheric general circulation model (A-GCM). Thorough validation of the developed parameterisations, the A-GCM results and evaluation of the uncertainties associated to the calculations of the direct aerosol effect, will be based on selected observations and optimal use of satellite data.

Phoenics started in January 2002 and will end in December 2004.