Work packages

WP # Work package title Contact person
1 Selection of in-situ measurements Frank J. Dentener
2 Inorganic Aerosol parameterisation Frank J. Dentener
3 Primary and Secondary Organic Aerosol parameterisation Maria Kanakidou
4 Parameterisation of cloud processing of aerosol Geert-Jan Roelofs
5 Aerosol Removal parameterisation Mark Lawrence
6 Europe and the global aerosol direct effect Maarten Krol
7 Parameterisation of the optical properties of the mixed aerosol and evaluation of uncertainties in estimated aerosol forcing by comparing to satellite observations Olivier Boucher
8 Size and chemistry resolved aerosol module for A-GCM Hans Feichter
9 Inter-annual variability of direct effect Michael Schulz
10 Management of the project Maria Kanakidou